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      Aircel Vehicle Tracking Solution

      Product Overview

      Aircel vehicle tracking solution provides an end-to-end solution to manage & track your vehicles. Corporations, Schools, Hospitals and other establishments are using vehicles for transportation of employees, students, patients, and commercial goods on a regular basis. Aircel's solution can help you to co-relate the various analytics using the logs generated by device and provide real-time visibility on the location of these vehicles monitor driver behavior, and ensure the safety of the passengers...

      Using Aircel's Vehicle tracking solution, enterprises can manage their fleet of vehicles using a tracking device fitted inside the vehicle. This device operates independently anddoes not allow user to temper and also with any electrical wiring of the vehicle. Hence, itdoes not void the warranty of the vehicle. The device calibrates itself within 20 minutes of driving time and sends data logs to the data center using an Aircel cellular connection.

      The Vehicle Tracking solution provides a real-time dashboard that provides up to the minute information on vehicles on the road, exceptions like accidents, route changes, harsh driving by drivers etc

      Key Features
      • Track vehicle locations, routes, schedules and trip replays
      • Helps to track and optimize fuel consumption and costs
      • Geo-fencing for safety zones and approved routes
      • Monitor driver behavior and alerts on unsafe driving situations (harsh braking, acceertion, sharp turn etc.)
      • Maximize the life expectancy of vehicles with proactive maintenance cycles
      • Comprehensive reporting with a real-time dashboard on vehicle activity
      • Analytics using a wide array of data points from the vehicles
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