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      Wan Acceleration

      Maximize network application performance by Aircel Wan Acceleration

      If you want to optimize connectivity to data centers or branch offices, accelerate replication over distance, or extend your network to the cloud, Aircel Wan Acceleration is for you. Aircel Wan acceleration service unifies the cloud the internet and the Wan on a single fabric, giving IT complete visibility and control over the new network while ensuring consistent performance for every application.

      Key Features

      • Improve Application Performance
      • Consolidate data centers (Migrate data to new locations)
      • Centralize servers and storage without impacting application performance
      • Collaborate in real time to WAN (Voice, Video & VDI)
      • Backup and recover more data across WAN
      • Accelerate cloud (Saas & Iaas) performance while lowering cloud costs
      • Send more data over existing network

      Key USP’s of Aircel’s Enterprise Fixed Line Voice:

      • Aggressive rates to offer most economical solution for your business
      • Plans with granular pulsing options of – Per Min, 15 sec, 5 sec and per second pulse
      • Attractive rates with varied rental options from 9900 to 30000 per month
      • Ideal for BPO, Outbound calling agencies, VAS providers who have requirement of 15 sec or 5 sec pulse
      • Why pay more, when your business is using less talk time per call? ---- Switch from your existing service provider to Aircel’s Enterprise Fixed Line Voice services and get financially benefitted from lower granularity.