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      3G on Aircel


      3G On Aircel Frequently Asked Question.

      • What is 3G?
        3G is the next generation of mobile communications systems. It enhances the services such as multimedia, high speed mobile broadband, internet access with the ability to view video content on your mobile handset. With a 3G phone and access to the 3G network you can make video calls, watch live TV, access the high speed internet, download music tracks, perform live streaming of music, and play games, email, chat at blazing fast speeds.
      • What is download speed on 3G?
        You can experience broadband speed on the mobile with 3G which will be 5-10 times faster than current speeds. The speed on 3G services will vary depending on the number of users at a given instant.
      • Who can use 3G Services On Aircel?
        Anyone who is an Aircel user Prepaid /Postpaid can use the service. The user needs to have a 3G Handset, a 3G Data Plan and a 3G network coverage area in order to experience 3G service.
      • What will be the difference between using a 2G plan and a 3G plan?
        The difference is in the data speeds between 2G and 3G plans. On 3G, you can experience, blazing fast browsing speeds and download and stream rich media (audio/video) content. You can also play 3D and multiplayer games on 3G data service.
      • What is be displayed on my handset if I am on a 3G network?
        3G/3.5G is displayed on your handset just below the signal symbol on the top left of mobile screen. The text for 3G Network might vary from device to device and the feature support.
      • Will 3G be available everywhere I go?
        3G is available in various cities in the following circles at the time of launch: Assam, AP, Bihar, Chennai, J&K, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, NE, Orissa, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, UPE, West Bengal.It might be possible that at times you go out of the 3G network coverage area.
      • Do I need a separate 3G SIM to experience 3G Services On Aircel?
        No, you do not need a separate 3G SIM to avail 3G Services on Aircel. You just need to get a 3G plan activated on the existing SIM.
      • Do I need a different handset for 3G?
        Yes, you require a 3G Handset to experience 3G data service.
      • Will 3G services work on roaming when they are launched?
        Yes, 3G services will work on roaming. However, coverage of 3G may vary on a case to case basis.
      • What are the settings required to watch videos with 3G On Aircel?
        You need to have RealPlayer or another media player and will have to configure streaming settings within media player to Aircel GPRS.

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