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      3G on Aircel

      Fair Usage Policy FAQ:

      • Why do Internet plans have Fair Usage Policy?
        At Aircel, we want our Internet service to be fast and available for our customers at all times. Aircel views the vast majority of customers should not suffer from a slower service because of a very small number of high bandwidth users.
      • What is Fair Usage Policy?
        Fair Usage Policy (FuP) caps the amount of data you can download at higher speeds. After you exceed the cap you can keep surfing at no extra cost, but your Internet speed will be reduced for maintaining quality of service for all subscribers
      • How does Aircel implements this FuP?
        Aircel sets a monthly data transfer limit on data transferred in 3G network; this is different for different plans. Once you reach your data transfer limit, your speed will reduce as stated in your plan. Of course, at the start of your next monthly billing cycle/ next recharge, your monthly speed/ download limit will be reset. Also during the month, you can continue to browse, there are no additional data transfer caps set by Aircel. Data transfer continue to be unlimited as they always were.
      • How will I know when I have consumed my high speed data or my speeds will be reduced as per Fair Usage Policy?
        Aircel will intimate its customers via SMS once they consume 100% of high speed data quota within bill cycle.
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