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      3G on Aircel

      Manage your usage

      Free apps on Android and iPhone let you track your data usage, and even manage tasks and other apps according to your data plan limit.

      Iphone Android

      Background data
      Many apps like email, social networks and news feeds can use data in the background even when the screen is off.

      Depending on the frequency you want and what your data plan is, you can set these apps to update every few minutes, or disable background data altogether.

      You can also manage each app and control how much it updates. For e.g., in email apps, its is possible to control how much is downloaded by allowing only the first few KB of emails, or entire attachments.

      Your data usage can vary greatly depending on your apps and activity. If you'd like to use your favourite apps freely, it is better to go for an umlimited plan with high-speed data of 2GB and above.