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      Aircel Super Challenge


      Presenting the most exciting contest of the year “Aircel Super Challenge Season-11” where users can win lots of exciting prizes that will make you’re playing more interesting and rewarding. Answer a few simple questions and you can win Rs. 5 Lakh of Gold, 1 KG Silver, 5 GM Gold, 1 GM Gold, Rs 5K Gift Gard & Guaranteed recharge upto Rs 350. The contest would be challenging, entertaining and rewarding every day. The aim is keep encouraging the subscribers to play more and more by giving instant prizes every day and every week. To keep their interest level up there is a bumper prize as well 


       Here's how you begin:

      Subscription - Rs. 3/day (first 3 question free) + Rs1/question Dial 55559 Toll Free

      Aircel Super Challenge Season - 11

      • Start Date – 03-10-2017 (00:00:01 hours)
      • End Date – 01-12-2017 (23:59:59 hours)
      • MM number – 55559 (Toll-free)
      • Challenge Day: 60 days
      • Charging Model: Subscription based
      • Charging: Rs3 everyday (First 3 question free) with Auto renewal and Rs1 for Additional question

         Business Model :

      • To subscribe user can dial toll free short code 55559 or else user can activate via OBD call.
      • Customer would be charged Rs 3 for the day and auto renewal would be done.
      • Customers who would be charged successfully for a day would be allowed to play the contest for that respective day.
      • Subscribed customer will be offered a 3 questions free in a day
      • Post free question if customer want to cont. playing , he has pay Rs1/question
      For more details, please visit: