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        Aircel PocketInternet


        Aircel Pocket Internet Banner

        Presenting the all new range of Aircel PocketInternet cards with unlimited internet and free music*.

        With Aircel PocketInternet card, you can browse the net at an affordable cost. To download music, check mails, connect on Facebook and much more, choose your cards from Rs. 5 with validity from 1 day

        Check out our exciting range of PocketInternet cards/plans available for both Prepaid/Postpaid. Aircel PocketInternet services will be charged at a base tariff of 10p/10KB after expiry of validity period.

        Prepaid Plans

        Choose from our new range of PocketInternet cards as per your need.

        MRP Validity Type Benefits - Common
        Quota [3G/2G]
        Overage Charges Available for  
        5* 1 Limited 30 MB 2p/10KB Mobile Only -
        8 1 Limited 60 MB 2p/10KB Mobile Only
        17 3 Limited 110 MB 2p/10KB Mobile Only
        24 28 Limited 100 MB 2p/10KB Mobile Only
        29 7 Limited 200 MB


        Mobile Only
        29 7 Limited 220 MB


        Mobile Only Available only on Paper Coupon
        37 10 Limited 250 MB 2p/10KB Mobile Only
        43 12 Limited 300 MB 2p/10KB Mobile Only
        67 5 Limited 1 GB 2p/10KB Mobile Only
        98 21 Limited 650 MB 2p/10KB Mobile Only
        128 28 Limited 1 GB 2p/10KB Mobile Only
        148* 28 Unlimited 2G Unlimited pack
        (2GB FUP)


        Mobile Only
        198 28 Limited 1.5 GB


        Mobile & Dongle
        255 28 Unlimited 2 GB


        Mobile & Dongle
        399 28 Unlimited 3 GB


        Mobile & Dongle
        697 28 Unlimited 6 GB


        Mobile & Dongle
        997 28 Unlimited 10 GB


        Mobile & Dongle
        1397 28 Unlimited 15 GB


        Mobile & Dongle

        * Only 2G is available.

        Post Free usage browsing speed will be throttled to 64kbps for unlimited packs. FUP – Fair usage policy

        Data charges of 2p/10KB apply within validity on post usage of free benefit for limited packs.
        Data benefit is common for 3G/2G
        To get the 3G benefits SMS START 3G to 121

         Visit the nearest Aircel retailer to buy above PocketInternet cards & follow the instructions mentioned at the back of the card.

        Card denominations may differ depending on your circle.


        To get Pocket Internet settings:
        Simply SMS "PI" to 121 (toll-free).
        On sending the SMS, you will receive a confirmation SMS.
        If you do not receive the settings within 24 hrs, please call our customer care at 121


        Pocket Internet Featured Card
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