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      Introducing ISD calls at local rates.

      AIRCEL ISD 54444

      Now enjoy ISD calls at LOCAL RATES without any top up, just by dialing 54444 followed by normal numbering i.e. country code followed by destination number and get the benefits of Calling to US, Canada, UK (Fixed), and China @ 1p/sec

      • Aircel ISD 54444 is aimed at making ISD calling at rates that are more affordable than Local Calling. 
      • Aircel ISD 54444 is a simple easy to use service through which customers can make calls to US (Contiguous)*, Canada, China, & UK(F) at JUST 1p/sec.
      • This service shall work ONLY in HOME network & shall not work in ICR / while on Roaming. 
      • All that a customer needs to do is to dial 54444 followed by the phone number i.e. country code followed by destination number & use this unique to Aircel service.
      • Applicable for all subscribers without any rental or enrollment fee (ILD provision is a must) 

      Note: In case Postpaid customer (having ISD Facility) dials any destination (other than those specified above) using 54444, Base Rate Charges will be applicable. 

      * Not applicable for US – Alaska, US – Guam, US -Hawaii

      Now,  US, UK(F) and Canada are just a local call away!
      Local + STD Calls @ just 40p/min;ISD Calls to  US*/Canada/UK(Fixed) @ just 50p/min.

      * Not applicable for Alaska, Hawaii or Guam 

      Aircel ISD Pack | Rs.18# ISD calls to destinations like US, Nepal, UK(F), Bangladesh at never before rates with Rs. 18 ISD pack.
      Tariffs for Rs.18 ISD Pack
      Discounted rates are available for the countries listed below valid for one bill cycle.

      Destination Base rates
      ISD 18 rates
      US/Canada 8 0.60
      UK (Fixed Line) 8 1
      Nepal 12 7
      UAE 12 9.20
      Saudi Arabia [F] 12 7.99
      Saudi Arabia [M] 12 7.99
      Bangladesh 12 2.99
      Malaysia 8 2.99
      Singapore 8 1.2
      Sri Lanka 12 7.99
      Pakistan 17 4.99
      Kuwait 12 5.99
      China 12 1.5

      * This limited-period offer is available to all Aircel customers.
      # Taxes extra as applicable.
      Need help? Just call 121.