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      Mobile Number Portability

      Mnp Landing

      Discover a world of possibilities without changing your mobile number. Experience and enjoy path-breaking services like PocketInternet™, PocketApps,Blyk and a host of other innovative products. Be a part of India's fastest growing telecom service provider with leadership status in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Assam and North-East. So come and explore the future, today with Aircel.

      Switch to Aircel with your current number! Here's how:

      A.  Buy a new Aircel SIM and fill Customer Enrollment Form (CEF) and Mobile Number
      Portability (MNP) form
      .Submit both the forms with other required documents to the
      retailer or at any Aircel store.
      B. SMS 'Port XXXX (10 digit existing mobile number)' to 1900 from your current mobile
      number and get an 8 digit code through SMS.Please share the code with the retailer
      or Aircel store executive.
      C. You will immediately receive an SMS confirming port order. *Later, you will receive another
      SMS confirming the date and time of porting. At the scheduled date and time replace your old
      SIM with your new Aircel SIM and dial 59059 to process Tele verification in-order to activate the number. Then do an applicable recharge to enjoy Aircel services
      on your current number.

      *For Prepaid, on the 5th day customer gets an SMS confirming porting approval or rejection. On 6th or 7th day the change request gets executed under advance intimation to the customer regarding date and time of transfer. On the specified date and time, customer's existing operator deactivates the SIM and new Aircel SIM gets activated with existing number and customer receives a 'Welcome' SMS on new Aircel SIM. Maximum 7 days(15 days in J&K, Assam, & NorthEast) will be taken to complete the porting process and maximum 2hours for disconnection of existing operator SIM and activation of Aircel SIM. For postpaid, before porting the customer will have to clear outstanding bill with existing service provider. Timeline of 7days (15 days in J&K, Assam & North East) for port-in to Aircel is excluding Sundays and National/Government holidays.

      So , switch to Aircel and start experiencing.

      To switch, call 9807012345 (exclusive MNP helpline for non-Aircel users) or visit your nearest Aircel Store.

      Click here to view TRAI's MNP guide for customers.
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      Switch to a new world of possibilities
      with Aircel and retain your number.
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