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        AIRCEL ISD 54444


        Introducing ISD calls at local rates.

        Now enjoy ISD calls at LOCAL RATES without any rate cutter OR extra spend, just by dialing 54444 followed by normal numbering i.e. country code followed by destination number and get the benefits of Calling to US, Canada, UK (Fixed), Singapore and China @ 1p/sec

        - Aircel ISD 54444 is aimed at making ISD calling at rates that are more affordable than Local Calling.
        - Aircel ISD 54444 is a simple easy to use service through which customers can make calls to USA, Canada, China, Singapore & UK(F) at JUST 1p/sec.
        - Aircel ISD 54444 is available for all Aircel customers & comes with no extra charge – it is a pre-activated service.
        - This service shall work ONLY in HOME network & shall not work in ICR / while on Roaming.
        - All that a customer needs to do is to dial 54444 followed by normal numbering i.e. country code followed by destination number & use this unique to Aircel service.

        With the Rs.18/Rs23 ISD rate cutter, call USA, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia and many more countries at lowest rates. See the list of countries below to find out the discounts.
        Isd Plan,Aircel ISD Card
        Aircel ISD Card | Rs.18

        Calls UAE, Singapore, SaudiArabia, Malaysia, USA and many more countries at discounted rates.

        Tariffs Details
        Discounted rates are available for the countries listed below.

        MRP (Rs.)
        Talkvalue (Rs.)
        Validity (Days)
        Tariff Benefits
        ISD Benefits - Nepal (except Spice Mobile)@ Rs.6.99/min ,NEPAL-SPICE MOBILE @Rs..9.99/min + Roaming Benefits -All roaming calls (Local/STD/ Incoming) @45p/min ON ALL NETWORKS for 28 days + Group Calling (Local Aircel to Aircel) Tariff @5paisa/min for 14 days


        ISD Benefits: 28 Days.


        Roaming Benefits: 45 Days.
        ISD Benefits -US (Except Alaska, Guam, Hawaii)@ 60p/min, Canada (Except the high cost area &1867)@ 0.6p/min, U.K (Fixed)@ Rs.1.99/min, China @Rs.1.5/min, Pakistan @Rs.4.99/min, Singapore @Rs.3.5/min, Bangladesh @Rs.2.99/min, Malaysia @Rs.2.99/min, Sri Lanka @Rs.10.99/min, Nepal (except Spice Mobile)@Rs.7/min, NEPAL-SPICE MOBILE @Rs.9.99/min, Kuwait @Rs.5.99/min, Afghanistan @Rs.13.99/min, Nigeria @Rs.5.99/min, Bhutan @Rs.5.99/min, UAE @Rs.9.99/min, Saudi Arabia(Mobile) @Rs.9.65/min, Saudi Arabia (Fixed) @Rs.7.99/min + Roaming Benefits - UNLIMITED FREE INCOMING, LOCAL CALLS @1.2P/SEC AND STD CALLS @1.5P/SEC, FOR ROAMING ON AIRCEL NETWORK IN UP, BIHAR & JHARKHAND FOR 45 DAYS 

        ISD Calls - US (Except Alaska, Guam, Hawaii) @1p/sec, Canada (Except the high cost area &1867) @1p/sec, Singapore @5.5p/sec, China @1.5p/sec, Malaysia(Fixed)@5p/sec, South Korea(Fixed) @3p/sec, UK (Fixed) @3.5p/sec, France @7p/sec, Hungary @8p/sec, Bangladesh @3p/sec, Nepal (except Spice Mobile) @12p/sec, NEPAL-SPICE MOBILE@18p/sec, Saudi Arabia @13p/sec, Pakistan @12p/sec, Kuwait @12p/sec, Sri Lanka @18p/sec, UAE @17p/sec
        US (Except Alaska, Guam, Hawaii) @ 60p/min, Canada (Except the high cost area &1867) @ 50p/min, U.K (Fixed) @ Rs.1.99/min, UAE @ Rs.9.99/min, Saudi Arabia(Mobile)@ Rs.9.65/min, Saudi Arabia (Fixed) @ Rs.7.99/min, Pakistan @ Rs.6.99/min, Singapore @ Rs3.5/min, Bangladesh @ Rs.1.8/min, Malaysia @ Rs.2.99/min, Sri Lanka @ Rs.10.99/min, Nepal (except Spice Mobile) @ Rs.6.99/min, NEPAL-SPICE MOBILE @ Rs.9.99/min ,Kuwait @ Rs.5.99/min ,Afghanistan @ Rs.13.99/min, Nigeria @ Rs.5.99/min, Bhutan @ Rs.5.99/min, China @ 70p/min

        *This recharge is applicable on first recharge only
        For more ISD base rates, Click here