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        Get your Aircel bill delivered to
        your email inbox every month.

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        Itemised Bill

        Keep an eye on your
        phone usage with a detailed bill.

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        Duplicate Bill

        Log on to 'My Account' at to request
        for a duplicate bill.

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        Payment Centers

        Find out the closest payment
        center to your location.

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        Read Bill

        Lear how to read your bill.

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        Manage Tariff Plan

        Want to change your plan?
        Log on to MY ACCOUNT at our
        website to
        change your bill plan

          E Bill
        • What is E-Bill?
        • What are the benefits of E-Bill?
        • How do I activate E-Bill services?
        • How do I check if my E-Bill service has been activated?
        • How do I deactivate E-Bill services?
        • What would I be charged for E-Bill service?

          Duplicate Bill
        • How do I get duplicate bill?
        • How do I know that my duplicate bill request has been taken?
        • What would I be charged for duplicate bill?

          Itemised Bill
        • How do I get itemized bill?
        • What would I be charged for itemized bill?


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