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          Customer Care


          iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are all available on Aircel. Cick here for iPhone device settings.

          Now you can experience superfast speeds on your computer with 3G Dongle!
          Cick here for 3G Dongle settings.

          Access E-mail, social networks and more and send and receive images and other media files on your phone. Cick here for PI and MMS settings.

          Experience the world of possibilities with Aircel 3G.
          Cick here for 3G settings for your device.
          To start using your Apple iPhone, you need to setup using the iTunes application provided by apple.

          Getting Started

          Insert an active Aircel SIM (Micro SIM) in your iPhone.
          Download and install the latest version of iTunes from www.itunes.com
          Connect to your iPhone to a USB 2.0 port on your Mac or pc (not on the keyboard) using the included dock and cable. iTunes opens automatically.
          Follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes to activate  iPhone and sync your contacts, calendars, music, photos, podcasts, videos, email accounts, and web bookmarks.
          Note : You iPhone may be able to receive calls in as little as 15 minutes after activation.

          > Troubleshooting


          3G Dongle
          Online Update Process

          Go to settings a online update. Syatem will check for update package availability.
          Select and download available update package.
          Click on install once the download is completed. Follow installation wizard.
          Once the installation is complete, disconnect and re-connect the data card. You have successfully updated your data card software. bookmarks.
          > Install
          > Troubleshooting
          > How to Connect

          PocketInternet & MMS Settings
          To get pocketinternet settings please send a toll free sms "PI to 121" and you will get setting through sms on your mobile. Just follow the instruction to save the settings. In case you receive a message " service unavailable" then you may refer below settings details to configure your mobile mannually.

          PocketInternet Settings

          Setting/Connection Name
          Aircel GPRS
          Data bearer
          Packet data/GPRS
          Access point Name
          Aircel GPRS
          Prompt password

          Setting/Connection Name
          Aircel GPRS
          Network type
          Phone IP Address
          Name Server
          Proxy Server Address
          Proxy Port
          To save the setting click 'back' and come back to main menu and then < select Aircel GPRS

          To set default access point select: web/service > option tab >settings > default access point/select operator
          > WAP
          > MMS
          > Connect to Laptop/PC



          How to start 3G

          To access 3G services your handset should be 3G enabled. Check if your handset is 3G enabled by sending a toll free SMS "CHECK 3G to 121"
          Activate 3G service by sending a toll free SMS "START 3G to 121" from your AIRCEL mobile.
          SMS "PI to 121" to get 3G settings. If you already have pocketinternet settings you don't have to do this. For manual settings please click here.
          To experience 3G services your handset should be in 3G coverage area. To check please send a SMS "COVERAGE 3G <pincode> to 121"
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