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        Dialer Tunes

        Dialertunes Banner
        Express yourself even before you answer the phone.

        Now Aircel gives you the opportunity to greet callers with a ring tone that reflects your personality. Do away with the droning sound of the ring and download the latest Hindi and English hits that will have your callers tapping their feet and always greeting you with a cheery hello!

        How do you activate Dialer Tunes?
        • By SMS: Just SMS DT ACT to 53000. 10 paise per SMS
        • By phone: Call 53000 and follow the instructions played by IVR. Call charges are Rs.1/min.
        Activate Dialer Tunes Online


        What are the charges for Dialer Tune services?
        There are no downloading charges and subscription charges is Rs.2/Day.

        How do I check with song is playing as my Dialer Tune?
        You can simply dial our Toll Free No. 5300010 and listen to your Dialer Tune.

        Explore Dialer Tune Shuffle
        Make your callers hear a new song every time they call with Dialer Tune Shuffle. With Aircel Dialer Tune Shuffle, subscriber can now play different tracks/songs as their Dialer Tune. Choose from categories like Devotional, International, Dard-E-Dil, Pujabi etc. or create your own shuffle list by adding songs from multiple categories.

        To activate Dialer Tune Shuffle, call 5300099 and get started. Call charges- Rs.3/min.

        To change/dedicate selected song:
        • Call 53000 and follow the instructions played by IVR
        • Select whether to dedicate to all or a particular number
        • The change of song will be confirmed with an SMS message to the subscriber
        • To change the song, simply call the number again and you can change your song

        What is Dialer Tune Album?
        Songs are grouped under special groups called albums. You can select an album from the available albums as your Dialer Tune Album. Your callers will hear songs randomly from the selected album. To change or to unregister the album, call the IVR at 53000 and follow the instructions.

        How do I deactivate the Dialer Tune service?
        By calling IVR
        • Call 53000 and follow the instructions played by IVR
        • Select account details/profile management and unregister Dialer Tunes for all or single numbers
        • After removing the dedicated song for a particular subscriber, the caller will hear the default song selected for all

        By SMS
        • To unregister by SMS simply send SMS DT DACT to 53000.

        By calling customer care
        • You can also unsubscribe Dialer Tune service by calling our Aircel Customer care at 121 from your local Aircel number.

        Note: Calls made to 53000 will be charged at Rs.3/min and SMS sent to 53000 will also be charged at Rs.3/SMS.
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