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      Aircel OPEN2EARN App


      Steps to earn top up:

      1. Download Open2Earn app from Play Store. App can be downloaded on android version 4.1 and above
      2. Choose your interest and location to views ads, offers and deals.
      3. View ads whenever you unlock your phone
      4. Click on the ad or dismiss it to earn points
      5. Redeem your points to earn Aircel top-up upto Rs. 10 per week

      Additional information

      1. Open2Earn is available on Play Store for free
      2. Check your points balance in progress tab within the app
      3. Points balance will not be updated in real time
      4. Earn up to 60 points in 7 days to get ` 10 top up
      5. Open2Earn can be used only on one device with one mobile number
      6. Promotional ads will consume less than 150 MB additional data per month
      7. You can choose to deactivate the ads anytime you want

      Happy unlocking


      Download Aircel App

      Get link on your mobile


      What is OPEN2EARN ?
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      Will the app use my AIRCEL personal data ?
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      How many ads will I see each day?
      Will I see ads when my phone rings?
      Will the OPEN2EARN app use my battery?
      What happens if I change my device?
      Can I use OPEN2EARN on a second device?
      How do I collect credit?
      How can I find out if I got my credit in the last week?
      Why haven’t I got my credit?
      What happens to the extra points if the user earns more than 60 points in a cycle?
      What information will the OPEN2EARN app collect?
      Does OPEN2EARN use my mobile data allotment?
      Can I use the OPEN2EARN app outside home circle?
      I am getting the message “unfortunately, OPEN2EARN has stopped”. What should I do?
      Why am I not receiving any ads?
      How do I unsubscribe from OPEN2EARN?
      What can I do in case of a dispute regarding ads or my Top Up?
      Can I take a break from viewing ads without uninstalling the apps?
      How can I track my progress towards my weekly Top Up?