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        Pocket Internet unlimited data plans

        Aircel gives the best data tarrifs in the country. Enjoy our bouquet of Data and Internet products. All our products by default give you high speed internet within their benefit bucket.

        Pick your plan

        Product 2G/3G Type Benefit Validity
        8 3G Limited 40 MB 1 Day
        12 2G Limited 100 MB 3 Days
        17 3G Limited 80 MB 3 Days
        24 3G Limited 100 MB 30 Days
        29 2G Limited 200 MB 5 Days
        37 3G Unlimited 150  MB 7 Days
        67 3G Limited 500 MB 10 Days
        98 2G Limited 750 MB 21 Days
        128 2G Limited 1 GB 30 Days
        148 3G Limited 1 GB 30 Days
        193 3G Limited 1.375 GB 30 Days
        198 3G Limited 1.25 GB 30 Days
        251 3G Limited 1 GB + 180 Talktime 30 Days on Data /
        Unlimited Validity on TT
        255 3G Unlimited 2 GB 30 Days
        299 3G Limited 1.5 GB + 200 Talktime 30 Days on Data /
        Unlimited Validity on TT
        387 3G Limited 1 GB x 3 Months 90 Days
        393 3G Unlimited 3.3 GB 30 Days
        399 3G Unlimited 3 GB 30 Days
        447 3G Limited 1.5 GB x 3 Months 90 Days
        597 3G Unlimited 5 GB 30 Days
        677 3G Unlimited 2 GB x 3 Months 90 Days
        693 3G Unlimited 6.6 GB 30 Days
        697 3G Unlimited 6 GB 30 Days
        993 3G Unlimited 11 GB 30 Days
        997 3G Unlimited 10 GB 30 Days
        1077 3G Unlimited 3 GB x 3 Months 90 Days
        1397 3G Unlimited 15 GB 30 Days
        1477 3G Unlimited 5 GB x 3 Months 90 Days
        1697 3G Unlimited 20 GB 30 Days


        All 2G data packs are 2G only but all 3G data packs can run on either 3G or 2G depending on the user settings and technicalities. For limited packs, post usage of bundled data beyond data limits, charges will be applicable at 10p/10KB within the validity period. For Unlimited packs user can continue to browse at speeds up to 16 kbps post high speed quota of data transfer on 2G/3G network. You will require 3G enabled handset and 3G network to enjoy 3G services. 3G coverage is available on select geography. For Detailed 3G coverage including coverage while roaming, please visit www.aircel.com. These tariffs are applicable on home-network and on-net roaming.

        Facebook Product

        Product MRP
        Facebook PI 5
        25 MB of Facebook – 2p/10KB
        beyond benefit.
        5 Days
        Facebook PI 14
        100 MB of Facebook – 2p/10KB
        beyond benefit.
        28 Days

        First Recharge On Aircel Dongles*

        FRC MRP
        Benefit (in GB)
        Validity (in Days)

        First Recharge On Non-Aircel Dongles*

        FRC MRP
        Benefit (in GB)
        Validity (in Days)


        Pepsi IPL TV + Data Combo
        Activation Code
        IPL TV + 200 MB
        1 Day
        IPL TV + 500 MB
        7 Days
        IPL TV + 800 MB
        30 Days

        Aircel Pocket Internet Dhamaka Contest
        • The shown prize images are indicative. They may vary from the actual prizes.
        • An independent agency has been appointed by Aircel Limited to choose the best slogan. The winner will intimated via SMS and telecalling.
        • The winner will have to provide a self-attested valid ID and Address proof while collecting the prizes.
        • Winner shall consent to participate in the Photo Session organized at the time of Collecting the prizes which may be used by Aircel for promotional purposes, if Aircel so desires.
        • Aircel will have the rights to use the slogan and the photographs in its campaigns.
        • Aircel offers no guarantee or warranty in respect of any of the prizes. The manufacturers, services providers, supplier of the Prizes alone shall be liable for any guarantee or warranty, if any.
        • Contest shall be subject to the laws of India, including tax laws, rules and regulations as may be applicable to Winners. Winners shall be solely responsible for payment of applicable. taxes to concerned authorities in respect of the Prizes as may be required by law prior to delivery of Prizes.
        • Prizes received under Contest shall not be transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or otherwise. Prizes cannot be substituted for other articles or gifts.
        • All decisions of Aircel in relation to Contest shall be final and binding upon participants and Winners. No correspondence or objection shall be entertained in this regard.
        • By applying for the competition you are automatically agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions.
        • Offer Period is from 10th July till 30th August only.
        Pocket Internet Featured Card
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