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      Plan Voucher

      Particulars/Services Details PV-1
      One Time charge, if any   1
      Free calls/SMS/data transfer,if any (included in one time charges)   Nil
      SIM/Account Validity   Lifetime
      Tariff Validity (Initial / Promotional / base)   Lifetime
      Pulse Rate Per sec
      Call Charges (Initial / Promotional / base, if any) Nil
        Voice Video
      Local on net 1.5p/sec 1.6p/sec
      off net 1.5p/sec 5p/sec
      Mobile/Fixed 1.5p/sec 5p/sec
      STD on net 1.5p/sec 1.6p/sec
      off net 1.5p/sec 5p/sec
      LL 1.5p/sec 5p/sec
      ISD   Standard ISD rates applicable, click here to check ISD rates
      SMS Local 1
      National 1.5
      International 5
      Data Home 25p/MB
      Roaming 10p/10KB
      Charges while Roaming-National   Voice Video
      Local Outgoing 0.8 5p/sec
      STD outgoing 1.15 5p/sec
      Incoming 0.45 5p/sec
      SMS (L/N/International) when roaming in other than Aircel Network 0.25/0.38/5
      SMS (L/N/International) when roaming in other than Aircel Network 0.25/0.38/5
      Special benefits, if any   NIL
      Recharge/other condition, If any   NIL
      Blackout Days Vishu - 14th April 2017
      Onam-4th September 2017
      Christmas Eve– 24th Dec 2017
      New Year Eve - 31st December 2017

       Particular Services Details  Plan voucher 2499(SRTP)
      1 One Time charge, if any 2499
      2 Free calls/SMS/data transfer, if any (included in one time charges) Nil
      3 SIM / Account Validity Life time
      4 Tariff Validity (initial /promotional / base) 180 Days
      5 Pulse rate Rs/ min
      6 Call charges (initial /promotional / base, if any) Nil
      a. Local Voice Video
      on net 1.00 1.6p/sec
      off net 1.00 5p/sec
      Mobile/Fixed 1.00 5p/sec
      b. STD on net 1.50 1.6p/sec
      off net 1.50 5p/sec
      Mobile/Fixed 1.50 5p/sec
      c. ISD  
      d SMS Local 1.00
      National 1.50
      International 5.00
      7 Data Home 25ps/MB
      Roaming 10ps/10 KB
      Special Benefit NA
      8 Charges while National Roaming Voice Video
      Local Outgoing Rs. 0..80/min 5p/sec
      STD outgoing Rs.1.15/min 5p/sec
      Incoming Rs. 0..45/min NA
      SMS (L/N/International) 25 Paisa/38 Paisa/Rs5
      Special benefits, if any TN Roaming IC free on Aircel NW
      9 Recharge /other condition, if any   Lifetime validity will be disconnected in case of no usage or recharge with atleast Rs. 200 value for any continuous period of 6 months
      10 Black Out Days Vishu - 14th April 2018, 27th August 2018, Christmas Eve - 24th December 2018, New Year Eve -31st December 2018

      *This STV should not be used for any Commercial Activity, in which case the pack will be deactivated without further notice. Also, post 200 mins/day, 30p/min applies. Commercial Activity will mean customers using the said product for calling 100 or more unique callers in a week or 1000 mins in a week.