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          3G on Aircel Now,

          get ready to transform your mobile phon into a complete entertainment gadget

          The Third Generation of mobile communication technology
          3G will bring to life the experience of mobile broadband on your phone. With this technology you can enjoy superior videos, enhanced voice calls and swift data transmission on the mobile phone that will make your life quicker, exciting and efficient so you can do more on the go.

          aircel-3g-high-speed | 3g plans
          aircel-3g-high-speed-internet | 3g plans
          Browse the Internet at speeds like never before.
          3g plans,Real Time Streaming Text
          Real Time Streaming Text
          Explore and share fast-streaming videos on your mobile.
          3g plans,Video Conference Text
          See and hear as you enhance your calling experience with the power of video.
          3g plans,Video Ivr
          Exp Video Ivr
          Now watch videos and choose the right options when you dial up an automated menu.
          3g plans,Gaming
          3g plans,Support Gaming
          Amaze yourself with cool high-definition gaming.
          Heavy Down Up
          3g plans,Down Upload
          No second thoughts on sharing heavy files now!