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        Aircel Wi-Fi

        The next-gen Network awaits you.

        • What is Aircel Wi-Fi?
          Aircel Wi-Fi is a service that allows you to browse the Internet without connecting to broadband via wired connection. Through Wi-Fi you can access the Internet just about anywhere at any time, without using wires.
        • How is it different from GPRS/PI?
          While both GPRS and Wi-Fi offer wireless internet connection, the major difference is:
          a. GPRS needs an active SIM connection whereas Wi-Fi does not need any SIM. You can connect to your Wi-Fi network even if you don’t have an active SIM.

          b. Speed is the major difference between GPRS/PI and Wi-FI, where Wi-Fi provides with better speed over GPRS/PI.
        • What are the advantages of Aircel Wi-Fi?
          Aircel Wi-Fi gives you freedom from connecting wires and helps you connect your laptop or mobile to the Internet easily.
        • How can I log in or signup for the first time?
          Logging on to Aircel Wi-Fi is very simple. You will have to follow a few steps:
          1. After you have reached the Wi-Fi hotspot, you need to switch 'on' the Wi-Fi option of your laptop or mobile.

          2. Search for the available network or refresh the available network list. You will see “AIRCEL_SPECTRANET” option on the list of networks available.

          3. Click on AIRCEL_SPECTRANET network and click Connect.

          4. Once you are connected to the network, open any browser and type www.google.com.

          5. The AIRCEL SPECTRANET page with an option to sign up would be displayed.

          6. On clicking the new user sign-up option, you would be required to enter your 10-digit Aircel mobile number.

          7. After you have submitted the mobile number, you would be sent an authorization password through an SMS to your mobile.

          8. Enter the authorization password on the webpage on your mobile or laptop and click Submit.

          9. After you have submitted the authorization password, you would be charged for your plan and you would be sent your user ID and password on your mobile phone through an SMS.

          10. Use the user ID (your mobile number) and password received to log in to your AIRCEL SPECTRANET account and now you can browse the Internet for 1 hour. Please do not close the AIRCEL SPECTRANET window till the time you are browsing.

        • What are the charges for signing up and using this service?
          There are hourly, 24 hrs plan and monthly plans of Rs. 15, Rs. 25 & Rs. 249 respectively. This charge would be adjusted against your postpaid bill or would be deducted from your prepaid balance..
        • What if I do not have sufficient balance in my mobile?
          If you do not have sufficient balance, you would not be able to register with this service.
        • Are there browsing charges also?
          No, other than the registration charge of Rs.15 for an hour, there are no other charges for browsing.
        • Is there any upper limit of data usage or can I download unlimited data?
          Aircel Fair Usage Limit varies from 50 MB on Hourly plans to 3 GB on monthly plan.

        • I am not able to connect to Wi-Fi.
          Make sure:
          1. The Wi-Fi light is ‘on’.

          2. The Wi-Fi signal is excellent. If the signal strength is low or medium it is suggested that you move around a little to catch good signal strength.

          3. Proxy is off.
        • I have not got my password or received the password through SMS.
          Please check if your mobile inbox is not full. You may also click the Re-send option at the bottom of the page to re-send the password again.
        • The password is not getting accepted/working; or I may have forgotten it.
          If you have forgotten the password, you may use the ‘Forgot Password’ option at the AIRCEL SPECTRANET web page. If the password is not getting accepted, use the ‘Forgot Password’ option to receive the password again.
        • How do I switch off the proxy?
          Please follow the steps below:
          1. Go to Tools option on the Internet Explorer.

          2. Select Internet Options.

          3. Go to Connections.

          4. Select LAN Settings and switch off the proxy.
        • I am connecting to Wi-Fi properly but it is getting disconnected frequently.
          Make sure:
          1. You are not near any electronic appliance such as microwave, cordless phone etc.

          2. The connection is not disabled.

          3. The Wi-Fi light is ‘on’.

          4. The Wi-Fi signal is excellent. If the signal strength is low or medium it is suggested that you move around a little to catch good signal strength.

          5. Proxy is off.
        • The connection speed is slow.
          Connect to the Spectranet speed test site (http://speedtest.spectranet.com/) and check the speed that you are getting.
        • Not been able to access the sites.
          If the log in/welcome page is visible, you may need to log out and log in again since the system may automatically log you out after a period of inactivity. If only some sites are inaccessible, there may be a problem at the remote end. Please try again after some time.
        • Can I use this in every Spectranet hotspot?
          No, you can only use this service at an Aircel Spectranet hotspot. These hotspots can be identified by their display name - AIRCEL_SPECTRANET.
        • How can I check my remaining time?
          Go to “Manage Account” where you can check the details of your remaining time.
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