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        Aircel PocketInternet

        Pocket Internet data plans

        No more confusion in choosing plans.
        Best suited 2G and 3G products for your choice.

        Pick your plan

        TypeData BenefitActivation USSD codeDeactivation USSD code
        415 DaysLimitedData Rate Cutter, charging @ 1p/10KB*121*04#*121*040#
        71 DayLimited40 MB 3G/2G*121*7#*121*07#
        173 DaysLimited100 MB 2G*121*17#*121*017#
        223 DaysLimited100 MB 3G/2G*121*22#*121*022#
        275 DaysLimited200 MB 2G*121*27#*121*027#
        375 DaysLimited200 MB 3G/ 2G*121*37#*121*037#
        675 DaysLimited500 MB 3G/2G*121*67#*121*067#
        9821 DaysLimited650 MB 2G Data*121*98#*121*098#
        12830 DaysLimited1 GB 2G Data*121*128#*121*0128#
        14830 DaysUnlimitedUnlimited 2G -FUP-1.2 GB*121*148#*121*0148#
        15530 DaysLimited1 GB 3G/2G Data*121*1550#*121*0155#
        19830 DaysLimited1.2 GB 3G/2G*121*198#*121*0198#
        25630 DaysLimited1.5 GB 3G/2G*121*256#*121*0256#
        27530 DaysUnlimited2 GB 3G + Unlimited 2G*121*2750#*121*0275#
        39930 DaysUnlimited3 GB 3G + Unlimited 2G*121*399#*121*0399#
        44460 DaysLimited4 GB 3G/2G--
        69730 DaysUnlimited6 GB 3G + Unlimited 2G*121*697#*121*0697#
        99730 DaysUnlimited10 GB 3G + Unlimited 2G*121*997#*121*0997#
        139730 DaysUnlimited15 GB 3G + Unlimited 2G*121*1397#*121*01397#
        *Limited Plans: Post consumption of Data benefit, customers will be charged @ 10p/10kb

        *The performance and speed of data browsing is dependent on network usage patterns. Post reaching fair usage limit, 3G data browsing/downloading speed may be reduced up to 128 kbps or as specified above for maintaining quality of services as per discretion of Aircel.

        **Plans for dongles start from Rs. 155 and work on mobiles as well.

        Note- The above packs with validity greater than 7 Days can be activated on renewal basis by dialing the "Activation USSD code" & until the same is de-activated by the customers by dialing the "De-Activation USSD code".


        Web Recharge Data Product- (Only on www.aircel.com/recharge)

        1331.25 GB(1280 MB) 3G/2G Data.30 Days
        193Unlimited Data - 1.9 GB(1920 MB) 3G/2G High Speed Data post which speeds are throttled to 64 Kbps.30 Days
        393Unlimited Data - 3.75 GB(3840 MB) 3G/2G High Speed Data post which speeds are throttled to 64 Kbps.30 Days
        693Unlimited Data - 7.5 GB(7680 MB) 3G/2G High Speed Data post which speeds are throttled to 64 Kbps .30 Days
        993Unlimited Data - 12.5 GB(12800 MB) 3G/2G High Speed Data post which speeds are throttled to 64 Kbps.30 Days


        Get unlimited internet access with the Postpaid PocketInternet Plans.

        Card Price (Rs.)
        Free Browsing upto
        Additional Free Benefits
        Validity (Days)
        Unlimited 2G PI
        Unlimited 2G PI
        150 onnet (A-A) Minutes Free

        To activate any of these plans, simply call 121 and follow the options.

        To get Pocket Internet settings:
        Simply SMS "PI" to 121 (toll-free).
        On sending the SMS, you will receive a confirmation SMS.
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