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      Aircel Wi-Fi Connect Solution

      Provides access to Broadband Internet with freedom from wires improving home aesthetics.
      It allows access to multiple devices at home over Wi-Fi with enhanced in-building signal
      A Wire FREE Internet Access Solution for Homes
      3G-Wi-Fi Hotspot

      Connect instantly from any corner of your home or
      Runs on external power

      Switch to uninterrupted connectivity with a router
      that works on external power.
      High Gain Antenna for improved in-building access

      A high gain antenna makes Aircel Wi-Fi ideal for
      use in buildings that have multiple floors.
      Support Voice calls

      Address all your business needs with technology
      from Aircel that supports voice calls.
      Hassle free Simple self-install

      Aircel Wi-Fi comes with an installation process that
      even you can manage on your own.
      Simple to Use

      Install once, and enjoy connectivity with a simple
      to use process.
      - These features are subject to change without notice due to continous improvement of the product.
      - Actual internet speeds would depend on multiple factors such as time of the day, number of simultaneous users, web pages accessed, etc
      - 3G broadband speed can only be accessed in areas wher a 3G network is available
      *Available in Madurai & Coimbatore only.