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      Welcome to a world of surprises!
      We at Aircel are always coming up with new and exciting ways to make our customers feel cherished and rewarded for their association with AIRCEL. The TREATS Program is one such service where subscribers with AON(Age on Network) of over 120 days will be treated with some surprise benefits. The benefits under treats will be in the form of free talk time/data/SMS or discounts for various Brands.
      Treats is an invitation based program wherein a customer will be notified through SMS, Maximum eligibility for a customer is two treats per month. This reward program will not only strengthen the bond between Aircel and its customers but will also make their experience with Aircel, more memorable.
      Terms and Conditions:
      • Customer eligibility is 120 days.
      • Maximum eligibility for Aircel Treats is 2 for 30 days

      # Toll free automated response from Aircel mobile only.
      # Customers will be informed through SMS whenever they will be eligible for Treats